Friday, 18 November 2011

Better Betta Splendens - the Siamese Fighting Fish has been selectively bred

The Siamese Fighting Fish is known to science as Betta splendens and many people simply call them Bettas. They are very colourful tropical fish that are a popular species to be kept by hobbyists and have been selectively bred to create amazing variations in colour and the shape and size of their fins.

Male Bettas will fight viciously, hence their common name, and have to be kept away from other males. They can be kept in community tanks though.

Siamese Fighting Fish are actually members of the Anabantidae or "Labyrinth Fish" which are all able to breathe atmospheric air as well as oxygen dissolved in the water and absorbed via their gills in the normal way. They rise to the surface to gulp air. They are also "bubble nest breeders" because the male fish build nests of floating bubbles that the eggs are laid in. The males keep guard over them until the baby fish hatch.

Female Bettas are far more drab than the males and have much shorter fins too. Over the years their colouration has also been greatly improved by selective breeding as well.

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Better Betta Splendens - the Siamese Fighting Fish has been selectively bred

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stubbskm said...

Depending on what is in the community tank and the water requirements of all inhabitants, will depend if it is suitable for a Siamese Fighting Fish.

Bard of Ely said...

Thanks for commenting and yes,it does depend on what other fish would be in a community tank because otherwise their fins could get bitten.