Friday, 13 April 2012

Frogs need saving too

I have loved frogs ever since I was a little boy so the news that they are disappearing is very sad to hear. Fortunately a charity has been set up in America called Save The Frogs, and as its name suggests, it is all about frog and amphibian conservation.
As many as a third of the frog species in the world are endangered and some types have already become extinct. The frogs are dying out due to a combination of lack of habitat, water pollution, a deadly chytrid fungus disease, predation by invasive species, over-collection by humans and Climate Change. Pesticides and herbicides like Atrazine and Roundup are taking a heavy toll. Many frogs get run over by heavy traffic on roads that the animals have to cross to get to and from their spawning sites.
It is really sad to know that these amazing animals are dying out in many places, often due to human behaviour that is destroying the habitat of these amphibians. Conservationists are working on saving the frogs but a worldwide effort is really needed.
All children love to see tadpoles and to watch the amazing transformation into tiny froglets. Frog spawn and tadpoles used to be such a normal thing to see in ponds in parks, gardens and the countryside but sadly this is no longer the case in many places. Something must be done to give the little creatures their chance at survival.

Find out more here about what you can do to help: Frogs need saving too

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