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Is the "Chemtrail era" about to end? JazzRoc thinks so!

Contrails above cloud as seen from a plane

Like me, you probably wish we could return to the days gone by with blue skies and white fluffy clouds and none of this white hazy sky that is caused by the trails planes leave behind? You have probably heard about the conspiracy theory that claims that persistent contrails are “chemtrails” and you may even believe this. Millions do!

These trails are said by chemtrail-believers to contain all manner of toxic substances, and many think they are part of some Secret Government plot to cull the human population. It is said that the elements Barium and Aluminium/Aluminum are in these trails. Well, I have just had some wonderful news from my good friend Tony Duncan aka JazzRoc, who says that the ongoing debate and all the hoopla associated with it will be coming to an end. Tony explains it this way: 

"Finally, the "chemtrail era" is about to END. The next generation of air traffic control equipment will be IN EVERY PLANE. This means that aircraft will exchange information about the HUMID AIR (which is the cause of persistent trails in the first place) in order to be able to ROUTE THEMSELVES AROUND IT. And that'll be the end of that.

William Thomas and Clifford Carnicom
JazzRoc is a scientist and former aviation engineer and knows what he is talking about. Several years back He got involved in a big way on the Internet because he was posting on many websites and forums debunking the term chemtrail. It was him that got me to see how crazy this belief system was and is. Yes, I admit that I used to believe in the chemtrail conspiracy. I was accepting what I had read in NEXUS magazine and elsewhere and believing what people like William Thomas and Clifford Carnicom were saying. 

In recent times a film by G. Edward Griffin entitled What in the World are They Spraying? has been doing the rounds and adding to the worldwide fear and paranoia about chemtrails and a Secret Government. But I can understand why people accept this propaganda. I believed my own eyes that were showing me the skies messed up by trails that lasted hours and that crisscrossed and ended up spreading into a whitish haze.

Sun Halos
I had also witnessed sun halos in the white cloud mess the skies often became. This was a new atmospheric phenomenon I had not seen before. I blamed it on chemtrails. But then JazzRoc asked me if I knew what made up the halos around the Moon. Of course, I did. I knew they were created by water vapour that can form minute ice crystals. It was a moment of realisation. I joined the dots and saw that halos in the day must be caused the same way. Not by particles of Barium or Aluminum but by ice crystals, by frozen water vapour. This was what was in the trails, which were contrails all along, and not chemtrails.

Sun Halo

HubPages and Myspace
I announced that I had changed my belief about this matter at HubPages and at Myspace and was met with a barrage of chemtrail-believers and conspiracy theorists trying to reconvert me to this belief or making ridiculous claims about me saying I had been “got at,” “drugged,” or “hypnotised.”  In the meantime, JazzRoc had been deleted from YouTube and there were all manner of crazy claims being circulated about him saying he worked for the CIA, was a "Secret Government employee" and a "disinformation agent".  At that time he was working part-time as a community gardener in the Tenerife resort of El Médano. I knew the truth but the ‘true-believers’ persisted in their delusions not just about Tony and myself but also about the contrails they call chemtrails.

Bard of Ely in 2007 with Stop Chemtrails t-shirt

No more Chemtrails
And so if JazzRoc is right, after many years of arguing about this matter with chemtrail-believers who hold onto their belief as avidly as an ardent member of a cult or religion, I will be really delighted if this is true and the day will dawn that we will no longer be seeing our skies messed up by the air traffic that causes the trails and cirrus cloud to form. Imagine that - no contrails, no chemtrails, no more arguments! Chemtrails will have been stopped! 

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truthseeker said...

OK so, when you see a plane suddenly start spewing out that white stuff that lasts for miles, that means you are halucinating. Get a life you OSTRICH.

Steve Andrews said...

No, it means I am seeing a contrail being created!